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I'm back! *waving

I've relocated my blog HERE so please update my link in your blog/s. Thanks.
I'm expecting you to be ther! ;)
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I'll be on a Hiatus mode, folks! I'll be back SOON with a whole new HOME! :) You can keep in touch with me through my other blog -

Don't forget to drop by and leave your message, ok? Ciao for now! *kisses
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As I was browsing (again) the net this afternoon, I stumbled upon a site requesting everyone to cooperate and to switch the power (and everything) OFF on the 1st of July 2007. I, myself, am concerned about the climate change so trying and joining in this wouldn't be bad. Read on please and help spread the word (if you're a concerned citizen, too) by posting this on your blog.

At midday on Sunday July 1st 2007 we are asking everyone concerned about the effects of climate change to simply turn everything (non-vital) off for an hour. That’s one hour with no cars, computers, TVs, etc. Through your support and lobbying we would also like as many businesses as possible to join in and publicly show their commitment to tackling climate change. Thanks a lot! *wink

One Hour No Power aims to raise awareness of our collective ability to tackle climate change through our everyday lives.

This is a people powered event for everyone to help shape. Share your ideas for One Hour No Power by adding your comments to the event blog and find help with promoting the event locally on our ‘Join In’ page.

It’s up to you how you spend the hour. You could hold a sponsored event for your favourite environmental group, take to the roads on your bike, write your personal green action plan for the coming year or simply spend time with family and friends.

Please join in and switch off between 12-1 pm on Sunday 1st July (in your local time zone).

Thank you for your support.

Visit this site for more info.

Condom Talk

It's a boring day today. I lacked sleep for 3 consecutive nights due to some thinkings I made during night time about problems and other worries. Think about my eyebags. T__T Well, I'm currently in the office, constantly staring at my monitor for 15 minutes, fingers stuck on my keyboard, trying to squeeze out leftover brain juices from last night's pondering. Don't really know what to type. Waaa.. *exhales deeply

I was scanning the tv programs last night and ended up watching 'Emergency' which is a documentary report shown in GMA channel (one of our local channels; rival of ABS-CBN). Ok, before I start sharing this 'thing' I've seen on tv, let me warn you.. It's gross! Ready to hear it? Here goes: Some people do recycle condoms. How? They wash it with their hands like naglalaba and then hang it just like our clothes. Why they do it? To save money. That's it.

The lady, first interviewee, worked as a prostitute. Since her reason was, 'Mahirap kasi ang buhay ngayon. mahal kung bibili ako ng condom lage.', she opted to wash condoms and hang them just like our clothes. If it's time for her to use it, she'll get it from her bag and let her partner use it. She even said that her partner doesn't even care if the condom is new or not. Eew!

Next interviewee was a mother and her reason was, 'Takot akong mabuntis lage kaya ganito ginagawa ko.'.. She also does the same, wash it with soap and hang them dry. She disposes these things after 3rd usage.

The last interviewee was a gay. His reason for keeping those used condoms is for his partner's remembrance sake. Eeew! I don't know if he even washes it after the first usage.

In the first place, I don't understand why they need to recycle such things. CONDOMS ARE DISPOSABLE, NOT RECYCLABLE. We use condoms for protection against infections! Soap and water alone doesn't clean and disinfect it. Recycling IT means you risk yourself to AIDS, gonorrhea, even UTI and other sexual diseases. What's gotten into these persons? They can even go to health centers to ask for condoms. It's free. I guess. Health centers even offer programs about practicing safe sex, birth control and a lot more. Blah!

Did you know that the hottest day so far in the Philippines was on April 23, 2007? The temperature raised to 39.3 degrees Celsius. Whew! Take care everyone. Beware of heat stroke. Apply sunscreen with high SPF and drink lots, lots, LOTS of water.
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Pammy tagged me...

1. What are the five blogs you visit when you open your computer?

>>> my other blog (for the tag board), Ghee chan's, Angelo's, Ate Sashing's, Ella's

2. What browsers do you use?

>>> Mozilla Firefox, of course!

3. What are your top 3 favorite categories in your blog?

>>> outta town, fun, humor

4. Pretend that you’re a spam. What comment will you leave to the blogs that you commented?

>>> 'I am a spammer. I will conquer your blog. Bwahahaha.'

5. Who are the 7 bloggers that you will tag?

>>> Ghee chan, Inay, Mishi, TreseBry, Champoy, Ate Sashing, Angelo and anyone who wants to do this.
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Joey no more.

92.3 Joey FM, which happens to be one of my fave local radio station, is gone forever. *sob It was replaced by XFm which plays lounge and upbeat music even at broad daylight. >_<

All I can say is Thank you, Joey, for the wonderful music. It accompanied me during my emo moods. Guess I'll be listening to Crossover na lang. :)

Now, for my farewell song.. specially dedicated to Joey.. Listen up. :)

* * * * * *

Belated happy birthday to my sister! I love you, Ate! :) And here I come, beaches! Nyahaha.
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I'll be on blog leave for 5 days, guys, to commemorate the Holy Lenten Season. During this season, we do what Christians always do - fasting and repentance. I remember what our Theology teacher (in high school) told us, "These 40 days of Lent, starting on Ash Wednesday, are supposed to be days of fasting, which means days of discipline and self-restraint." And since Sunday is the Lord's day, we should be celebrating, and Lent is temporarily suspended.

So this Thursday and Friday, I'll have to sacrifice my DVD marathon-ing hobby. Instead, I will examine my conscience and pray a lot to ask for forgiveness. And maybe I'll even do Bisita Iglesia with my friends. Here are some questions (which I found on the net) upon which you might pray and meditate during Lent:

* Am I sharing gladly what I have with others, especially the stranger and the poor?
* Do I have a gracious and patient attitude with others, especially those who irritate me?
* Do I feel the power of connection to God and the church in corporate worship?
* How is my devotional and prayer life progressing? Am I listening to God more and complaining less? Is it time for a change or a growth in my Bible study and prayer life?
* What are the lurking sin problems, which still plague me?
* Am I as thoughtful and forgiving of family as others, or do I take my frustrations out on them?
* Do I speak up for the maligned and oppressed, or do I remain silent in order to remain popular?

Then, on Easter Sunday, I'll be celebrating with my family. :) Then, have to grab a few things for the upcoming company outing. Wooo!
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A Quote

What keeps you from believing that the universe is yours? Reach out, embrace it. I say, "the sky's the limit!" So get your bag, get your stuff, and head for the stars...I'll meet you out there.

* - * - * - * - * - * - *

I'm sick. Got colds due to sudden change of weather. But I can still get up on time every morning and do my work. Take care everyone! Ganbare! Ganbare! :)